Levels of Consciousness

I have come to realize that we all enter this world at different levels of consciousness. These levels serve as a foundation for the life lessons we are to learn this lifetime. The levels can be loosely identified as such:

Red:  Basic survival, often caught up in the game of king of the hill, my way is the only right way. Spiritual affiliation; any fanatical fundamentalism

Orange: Obsessed with appearance, sex, bodily sensations. Spiritual Affiliation; Ritualistic religion

Yellow: Highly emotional, value how they feel as the indicator of happiness, Spiritual affiliation; charismatic groups

Green: Love becomes the primary focus, begins to think of others well-being first. Spiritual Affiliation; Any religion invested in caring for the poor and does so in action

Blue: Communication, talks and interacts from a spiritual viewpoint, looks to engage with others on a broader spiritual path Spiritual Affiliation: wakening

Indigo: Foundation in love and becoming free from attachments, looking within for true source of spirit


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