fractured rainbow

Hmmmm…how do I know reincarnation exists? Well, I don’t really, I guess no one does really…all I can say it is a deep knowing for me. It makes sense of a world that otherwise wouldn’t. If God only gave people one life, or if people only had one life to live, why oh why would some people come into this world in the life situations they do? In abject poverty, where they are starving or starve to death, in abusive situations, with catastrophic illness, on and on…why would that make sense?

If we all came into this lifetime to experience a particular way of life – tragedy, pain or joy – now that resonates with me. Even tho I have not truly experienced another life time other than this one, at this moment, reincarnation makes sense to me. I can live compassionately and not be overwhelmed by the suffering around me. I can look at my life’s challenges and joys as learning experiences, as homework assignments and do my best to do them well, so I don’t have to repeat them to learn my lesson.

Eastern religions are totally comfortable with reincarnation…and friends, there is a good chance Jesus even taught reincarnation…Origen, an early father of the church taught reincarnation…Pope Vigilius in the 6th century was jailed by Emperor Justinian for his views on reincarnation (yes, it is true!) more on all of that another time….


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