Discovering Reincarnation

To continue on a theme of reincarnation, I have spent a lot of time pondering the possibility of reincarnation, reading endless perspectives and trying to understand why thinking about it was important to me. What started to gel was the fact that the imprint of previous lives is certainly effecting my life and life choices now. The importance of recognizing reincarnation is a key to my physical life now. Why I am in this life, why I have this family and these circumstances – what understanding could be more important?Buddha Eye

Well, that still left a dilemma, I am asleep in this life time, I can’t clearly see who I was before, but maybe I can look carefully and get an idea that would help me. So I began pondering again. I do believe that that which we are most attracted to may just hold they key to where we once were. It takes careful observation because altho we all might want to have been a significant historical figure, we most likely were not.

I began to notice patterns, for me healing, alternative healing, an attraction to Chinese medicine – hmmm – was I perhaps a Chinese herbalist of some sort? Asked my family, those who know me best and their response? Yes, of course! and most likely I was a male – one of our family jokes – I was a Chinese Grandpa and he now and again is known to dispense wisdom today.

Thinking again, Irish lore, fairies, fairy circles, nature, healing again – well once again perhaps a Celtic healer of some sort. Check in with the family – yes, of course! I was probably a “fairy” healer at some point.

There can be a dark side as well, I have had a magnetic attraction to the Catholic Church that I have only recently been able to break. I could never figure out why, I wasn’t brought up in the Church so wasn’t indoctrinated from childhood. Then a good friend suggested – perhaps I was involved in the inquisition. Sent a chill down my spine…




2 thoughts on “Discovering Reincarnation

  1. I did also spend time on this area of thought… I am not 100% yet – I do however lean toward that we carry an imprint of past generations in our DNA and that through cells, we tend to thus “recall” what in our space-time are past lives. These past lives, I think, are not exactly of the identical spirit but do via cellular action in us translate into our conscious thought and imagery sometime as past lives. I myself have some vivid “recall” of many humans and a few of them “had” animal totems as well. Thus, it was confusing for me at times and I tend even still to have some difficulty integrating this in my daily life. So, just to quickly summarize this into a sentence; presently, I accept pat-life “recall” as physical links from my present body-mind to spiritual perceptions… or in another way of understanding – as finding God by a path in the moral world that is off the mark (karma).


    • Thank you for your comment. I agree with what you are stating and think about this frequently, are the memories at a celluar level or is there some “proof” for actual spiritual reincarnation into a new earthly body. My sense at this point is that it is more of a reincarnation of the same spirit to a new body, but in that new body we carry the imprint of the past lives as lives – similar, but somewhat different. I think Jesus has the ability to manifest into our world at various times which may explain the confusion cited in the Bible about hime being Elijah for example, and would somewhat support re-manifesting (maybe a better word?) or re-incarnating. Tying God into that, of course, is again the tricky part in a way, God is in all of us at every point. I believe reincarnation could relate to our openess to that and to awakening which I think is the goal of the reincarnations – ultimately be fully awakened to God. Karma as a means certainly becomes an intimate part.


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