Spiritual Homework


So then I wonder, why does any of this matter? And then it occurs to me that it is truly the most important thing. My spiritual wanderings have helped me understand that if you have your spiritual house in order, your whole life is in order. Now, I don’t believe that spirituality is psychology at all and I think people consistently intermingle the two. Having your spiritual house in order will not end your suffering, it will not make you rich, it is not a magic wand that allows you to custom order how you want things to go.

What it does do is allow you identify every event in your life as spiritual homework. How can I look at EVERY situation from a spiritual viewpoint? What lesson am I supposed to be learning here? Am I working off a karma debt? Is the person I am interacting with reacting that way because I caused this person pain in a past life? How will I choose to respond if that indeed is the case? Do I want to have to repeat this lesson again and again in this life and possibly in the next if I don’t learn from it OR do I chose to learn my lesson…now?

We all always have a choice in how we respond and if someone caused you pain – especially a significant loss – in the last life, you will be given the opportunity to settle the score and pay him back…if you chose to. Or if you want to get off of the wheel of karma with that person, you can choose a compassionate response and understand that all isn’t necessarily what it seems. There is a bigger picture working here. And then maybe you can say, if only to yourself, this person is reacting to me because of something I have done now or before, I am going to forgive him now and try to end both of our suffering.


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