Frozen Rose

I, once again, had to ask myself why am I doing this? Why am I blogging about spirituality? Does anyone really care? No, I would venture MOST people are not losing much sleep over the truth of the current state of many religious traditions. I think I have been assigned the job of spiritual wanderer because I am a truth-seeker. Truth IS important. Truth doesn’t wax and wane with the ethos of the day or time in history. Truth just is. It stands alone sometimes as a lonely outpost just waiting for people to discover it. What I have discovered is the search for truth is only for the brave, those who are ready to have their beliefs, their lives turned completely upside down and to writhe in that for…well, in my case, years.

What truth-seeking uncovers is that there are people and institutions pretty hell-bent on keeping truth a secret because they don’t believe the masses can bear it. They know that time honored traditions held as truth well, maybe a little more contrived and maybe actually served a man-made agenda instead of a divine purpose. They know that if people really knew the TRUTH their lives would be turned upside down.  To preserve their brand of truth, labels are applied to anything that does not align with their thinking. Sadly, in religious spheres these labels can be particularly potent. Words like “evil” and “damnation” get bantered about and should anyone try and break the trance, you can be sure you will be labeled as being overtaken by evil. Scary.

So truth waits at its lonely outpost. It waits for those brave souls willing to do our homework, bear the pain and confusion of uncertainty and continue on until, until that glorious day arrives. The glorious day when thru cold sweat, fear, yearning and upheaval we finally perfect our ability to discern truth because we have become so painstakingly familiar with its opposite. We walk into the light.

I am truly happy to live in a time and place where I can speak almost freely, without the fear of being burned at the stake for speaking out. I can not imagine the fear that the inquisition (and of note, the Catholics, Calvinists, Episcopals ALL participated in the inquisition – any one who did not believe in the trinity was at grave risk) must have evoked and how it changed the face of the world.  I stand for truth at its lonely outpost, one voice speaking out waiting for others to join me and not be frozen like a rose in time.


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