What is truth….

What is Truth? I committed that truth is important, that it is unchangeable and that is a pretty bold statement. To ask what truth is to you is to invalidate truth itself. It would then imply it is changeable and malleable, possibly even fashionable. Truth du jour. But it really isn’t any of those things. Truth in spirituality is transcendent. Truth speaks to our essence, to the things about us that are so basic to our being that they are not debatable.

My spiritual wandering has revealed the importance of understanding the essence of truth as truth as foundational to any deeper understanding of spirituality. First, you have to understand that truth does exist of and by itself, only then can you move on to try and discover what truth actually is and not what truth is to me.

So what is truth in spirituality? When stripped to its most basic components, what actually is it? Truth is at the essence of most spiritual and religious traditions. Is it what we believe? I don’t think so because again, truth is. The one thing we know that is the corner-stone of truth in all spiritual understanding is that living things possess that spark, that light seed, that essence that designates them as living. Where it comes from and how long it lasts and where it extends past the existence of our physical body is where the debate begins.



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