The path to nowhere…I have seen it in my dreams

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. ~ Socrates

I think this is the start of true and authentic understanding. When stripped to the core, there is no proof of identity – the opening line of my college senior thesis, still echoes in my brain. I was pondering my identity and all of a sudden I realized just that, when stripped to the core there is no proof.

So, where do we go from here. At this point in my life I think there is proof in being, to me life in a way has become a bit more simple. I have arrived at a time when I look for the least complicated ways to try and understand things, not the most complex. Life essence exists simply. If you want proof, bury a flower bulb and bury a banana peel. The bulb will grow in due time with the right conditions, the banana peel will just decay. To me that is simple, life essence does indeed exist. Part two then becomes, from where does the essence originate? It is here our debate begins…or does it? Is it possible that the kernel of truth contained in the essence of being is all the actual truth there is? And all the other accoutrements are simply personal choice? Is there any harm in pursuing the spiritual path that most appeals to you? Is there more?

I think at this point we run the risk of mixing spirituality and psychology. I hear my mind start to mull “feelings” – that which makes me feel something is the correct spiritual path. This is where we need to be very careful to be mindful of the purpose of our search. Is our search for authentic truth and perhaps truth of being or what makes us feel something, feel good, manage our lives better with less suffering. My search is more for truth of being, so I march away from my “feelings” and try to stay on my path. The second danger zone is thinking we have found our path, our one and only path. I thought I found my one and only path so many times I may have lost count. I have come to realize that as soon as I start insisting I have found the right path, it becomes the only path and I encourage everyone to follow it. That is a red flag right there. If someone is forcing their beliefs on you or even just trying to convince you that their way is the true way, you can pretty much guarantee the path they are on is the path of ego not true spirituality.

At this point I can be accused of just that, stating my opinion on spirituality based on a lifelong search, but in the end there is no proof. The path to nowhere, I have seen it in my dreams….but don’t be discouraged, in the search lies the refinement of being.



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