Deep Origins….

Creator, created, creation…so in my mind life essence “is” and even essence “is”…one MAY be able to debate “life” vs “consciousness” vs “essence” in the sense that, living things – vegetables, plants, trees, animals, people have “life” essence. But at the same time, we are composed of the essence that also is in things that we may not really consider as having “life” essence – oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus…but, they are certainly essential (essence-tial??) for “Life” essence.

Creator, created, creation – creative – is that the key word? CREATIVE? If the creator, the creative one created, where does he/she/it exist? and does he/she/it exist outside of anything created and if so where? So the creator becomes the originator from which all things came. I am not sure at this point I even like the word “creator” anymore. All of these types of words Creator, God, Allah all have so much baggage attached that using them nearly ends constructive dialog. I think using these descriptors also sets up a chain of debate not for who they are necessarily, but for what they represent and in my mind, they as Allah, Creator, God are not helpful. God, Allah, Creator all evoke personhood, mostly male images and we assign the traits we most associate with them.

Is Spirit the Originator? Yes, I believe so, but not different from the Originator which I think is important to note. I can be MOSTLY comfortable using Spirit I think, it does not make me think person or gender or attributes associated with them. Spirit evokes fluidity to me, the ability to penetrate or be present in all. Spirit doesn’t make me feel compelled to fall back into a worshiping habit or construct or elicit feelings of parenthood – I don’t need to be “good” to be loved by Spirit, I really don’t even need to be loved by Spirit. Spirit just is.

Spirit to me is energy and it takes energy to create and because energy can never be destroyed, just changed, it seems to support “life” essence. Spirit as the Origin in a non-creative way might be better. We are Spirit and if Spirit is energy, it always was and therefore we always have been and will always be….Nasa big bang


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