Spirit of Love

So then what’s Love got to do with it? If anything….If Spirit just is and truth just is, can we assume love just is? And if so, is as what?   I once again, think that love needs to be separated out from “feelings” and “belief” to what it actually is. That perhaps does pose a problem. Is there a spirit of love or is spirit love? Perhaps a good place to start is to envision a world without love. What does love do in the world? Unconditional love, love for the sake of another creates a harmonious environment. Doing for the good of another, empathy, compassion, care for others, animals, the planet out of love for them induces concern for their well-being. If we don’t care for something we disregard it, it doesn’t matter to us, we minimize it. At its most benign we might ignore it or overlook it. If something or someone is overlooked and not valued it tends to shrink and compress on almost the weight of itself. It is almost as if it needs love to survive, to stay vital and robust in any sense. So love therefore must be more than feelings, it must be a spirit of some type of impactful engagement or impactful interaction. Given the spirit of love can change the dynamics of a situation when introduced to that situation, it is more than a vague emotion.

Is the spirit of love the animator of life essence?  Or is spirit of love at it’s essence? I will venture to say that the impact of the spirit of love is also contingent or directly related to the consciousness of a thing. Love, I believe, is more important to a living thing, than an inanimate thing, more important to an animal than a plant and more important to a person than an animal. Because of this, it can be seen as a condition of consciousness. The ability to cultivate unconditional love is a quality of the more awakened or conscious mind. I see you at your essence, at your true nature and accept that for who you are. I love you merely because you are.

As we walk our own spiritual path, the recognition of essence versus illusion is key to being awakened spiritually. To realize the full potential of a person is already fully manifested by their mere existence and all else is simply debris from this life and all others in this life and before, is basic to a deeper understanding of true essence, of actual love and walking a true spiritual path.





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