What if Yeshua was female?

What if Yeshua was female? What if Buddha was? Mohammed? What if God is more female energy? What about Spirit? If we perceive Spirit as female energy as sometimes referred to in Gnostic texts – The Faith of Sophia or Pistia Sophia as more commonly referred for example, how does that change the way spirituality or more certainly the way religion is perceived?

Does this have anything to do with spirituality? If truth, spirit and love are the major elements defining spirituality and I would argue they are, does gender matter in our prophets and Gods?

I think gender may become relevant and possibly essential on one hand because gender speaks to balance – light and dark, female and male, yin and yang. But at the same time, if Spirit is and is in all things as the entity occupying the receptacle it becomes irrelevant because it is in all things equally. Spirit then becomes the perfect balance of male and female energies contained in one and any reference to Spirits maleness or femaleness may in fact limit the reference itself.

Gender becomes more important in religion because that is where illusion is born, I think. We have to maintain the illusion of separateness from others and even from God in order to define God from a religious perspective. If Spirit is God and is in all things religion itself – at least traditional religion – becomes irrelevant except as a form of community. Religion has been used to oppress women successfully in the same way religion was used to oppress people and drive political agendas.

What if Yeshua, Buddha or Mohammed were women? Would it have helped to balance the energies within society? Think of a world with a female prophet followed and loved as Yeshua?…Pondering how love would be given and received becomes different, commandments may become invitations, fear replaced with forgiveness. The energy changes, it just does.

I think we need a female prophet now, it is time.



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