What would Jesus think today of our Spiritual Path?

I wonder what Jesus would think if he went to Church today, sitting in a pew taking it all in. Would he think, “yes, this is the change I wanted, people are focused on my message” or…not? What about Buddha? Would he think current day followers were consistent with his message? Or is their message even relevent today? I think there has been some deviation from original intent, I think time may have transformed their messages somewhat and since these figures are no longer with us in their old forms, there is no one that we can unequivocally say is carrying the torch exactly as they intended.

But they may have left clues.

Jesus said, “…the kingdom of God is found within you…” Luke 17:21 and in John 14:26 Jesus tells of “the comforter”, the “Holy Ghost” being sent in his place to help people remember what he taught. Buddha said, “If you see a buddha on the road, kill him”. It certainly appears from their own words that the Spirit is within us to guide us on our spiritual path.

If we distill the message of all religions down to their core message what do we find? Are there commonalities that we should be looking to highlight rather than differences? I think so. I also think a persons comfort level with one religion over another is directly related to his level of consciousness in this lifetime. And all of that is ok. The simple message all religions speak to is love, love of neighbor, love of enemy, love of self, love of God. I would get tripped up most on love of God. I could say I loved God with all my heart, but if I was really being honest, did I know what that meant? I think I do now actually. They say God IS love. If that is true, than it becomes love LOVE with all my heart first and foremost and THAT I understand.

To love LOVE first before loving anyone or anything means we will take a loving approach first and it is very hard to do. If we have to consider that we need to look at the core of the other person first and think of what we are saying or doing and how that affects them and do no harm, then we are loving love first and with all our hearts, I think. As hard as it is, it is truly transforming. We want to yell back at someone who is being rude or short with us, we want to yell at someone who cuts us off in traffic so we feel better, to make up for their perceived wrong doing. But if our job is only to love them not get even, it is hard. No one is saying that if we are being abused we need to take it, absolutely not. But we do need to extract ourselves from the situation and from a safe place examine it for what it could be. Past karma playing out? I can create more karma by reacting or I can lovingly extract myself and wish the person well. And I am not saying it is easy.

How do we find and stay on our spiritual path? We meditate and we look within as Buddha and Jesus actually said. We evaluate every event in our lives from a spiritual perspective and with some distance. Picture going up in a helicopter and looking down at everything and when we can see all the sides or more of the sides to the situation, we can react differently, more detached. And then we ask ourselves, is anything I am about to do going harm anyone involved in any way, emotionally, physically or spiritually and if our answer is yes, we need a new solution.

That is the beginning of living life in a more conscious, more awakened state. We have all the tools we need inside of us, all the answers we need to love love first. And let’s be clear, it is not mushy emotional love, it is love that considers the well being of the other first that is real love.

If we love being loving first, the path suddenly appears before us.

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