Salvation or Enlightenment

Salvation always begs the question to me – saved from what? Stock answer, eternal damnation, got that. But really what does that mean? Do I accept that we were born into original sin – well first I really hate the word sin – it has as a “religious word” perhaps the most baggage of all. If you can get beyond that, then are we actually born into sin? Would a loving God “call us by name” into this life as a sinful being from the start and then need to save us? From himself?

What if we look at salvation as a way to save us from ourselves, from our illusion of self-ness, from the illusion of this body in this lifetime being the only chance we have? I think we are born into a certain consciousness and if you are reading this, I believe my vibration, my energy and yours are at least to some degree resonating otherwise in the multitude of available blogs to read, you wouldn’t have found mine. So the concept of salvation may span many levels of consciousness and serve many purposes. To those needing God as a father figure this go-round, he is the protector and if we do as he says we get to be reunited with him when we pass on. And keep in mind I am not minimizing anyone’s beliefs, I think everyone’s beliefs are valid and because mine may be different, I don’t think mine are better or worse than someone elses. I do think belief is tied to consciousness level and that too has no rank. For me tho, salvation is more about waking up to the realization that again, we need to look at every event in ourselves from a spiritual perspective.

What spiritual lesson do I have to learn from this event in my life?

Salvation then morphs into liberation and a reason for joy. If I can view all my interactions with every type of being from a foundation of compassion and love – doing for the good of other – that becomes my salvation. Original sin becomes the “sin” of illusion, illusion of separateness, that we are not directly connected to all others, that what we do doesn’t have an immediate effect on those in close proximity, but also a reverberation that extends way beyond our initial thought. Salvation is the beginning of awareness of our own impact on the collective consciousness and that in our own small way, we can contribute or detract from it.

I believe Buddha and Jesus achieved enlightenment, a fully awakened state. I also believe Jesus brought Mary, his mother and Mary Magdalene thru all stages of consciousness to fully awakened states. I believe our ability to achieve enlightenment or salvation is possible in this lifetime and starts by going within and looking at life from a spiritual viewpoint first. Looking at everything spiritually transforms our interaction in life and the more we stay on that spiritual path, the closer we come to salvation.



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