Truth, Spirit and Religious Opinion

To maintain that Truth is and Spirit is maybe we need to recognize that well, Opinion is too. How do we separate how truthful my opinion is over someone elses or is that where faith comes in? Is that where, from a spiritual or is it only religious point of view, that faith or belief or opinion makes the claim to truth? I think it may serve us better to really call religious beliefs what they are – religious opinions – and somehow that adds clarity, for me anyway. If I can recognize that I am of a different religious opinion than someone else, then perhaps I can begin the process of trying to merely understand their point of view instead of change their point of view.

If it only were that simple. Religious belief is held to be truth by each respective proponent of that truth. My god is God, your god is a lesser god. You have to believe what I believe because if I allow you to believe what you believe I may in some way be acknowledging that you may be right. If we look closely, we are disagreeing on the practice of religion I think. Sit, stand, kneel, bow and basically the same beggars prayers. Is there any unifying thread?

Yes, again since Spirit is the animator of all things with life essence, to honor that essence is the only truth, I think.  To honor that essence is to love the differences between us because the differences are what has made the fabric of our existence individually and collectively. Maybe to think of the inhabitants of the world as cells in a body with each cell having a different function, so to deny the function of one is to limit the functioning of the whole. Maybe the differences are as important as the similarities – maybe that is the real truth?

How do we all live in one world?

Maybe one voice at a time, promoting non-violence in thought and action as a total conviction and through the resonance of that thought, the vibration of the world will eventually change. Maybe not judging anyone – so hard to do – sharing no dissenting opinion, just living as peacefully as possible within our own sphere as our contribution that ripples across a greater expanse. That wreaks of tolerance, but I think it is more than tolerance, maybe it becomes a new spirituality because the separation itself becomes the unity.




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