Spiritual Intuition and A Priori Knowledge

I have been thinking again lately about what we know and what we learn and it’s application to spirituality. In our age, intuition of any type has come under much malign, something not valued, trusted or even considered valid. We have been taught to direct all of our attention outward for validation. We have been told that what we believe, what we feel in our bones to be true, doesn’t make it true – or does it?

A priori knowledge has always fascinated me, reading Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” and the gyrations he went through attempt to define it. “A priori” from the Latin, “what comes before” and really isn’t that the point? What did come before? And can we intuitively know and intuitively connect with that knowledge. I think we can and I think we do. I think when we look into our selves and begin to acknowledge and trust our intuition we may just be at the starting point of true spirituality.

I write this blog somewhat intuitively, I started it intuitively. I got up one morning never having given much thought to blogging and just decided to look up how to start a blog. Each day something pops into my head to blog about and I just go with it. I dare say sometimes what I write is of more interest than at other times, but something is coming from inside of me, from a non-contrived place. I don’t think about my impact – aside from a desire not to offend – I just share what comes to me off the top of my head.

I do think meditation needs to be approached like this, without expectation, without a goal. Just pray as a connection to the Christ within, to the Spirit within in you within all of us. Somehow there I think we can develop our spiritual intuition and really start to connect with ourselves spiritually. I do think a priori knowledge is at the root of authentic spirituality and the tap is already there, we just have to open it and let it flow.




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