Then As Now

Simultaneous occurrences… quantum physics is starting to uncover the connectedness of us all past, present and future. I find it fascinating that there are devout people praying for the safe birth of their now spouses. Somehow they have made the connection and understand at some level not only the possibility, but the actuality of this phenomenon. And what does that mean for us now? Does that affect how we live out our lives in the present knowing that we are somehow simultaneously living on many planes through many lifetimes? 

I think once again the tie may be in intuition and maybe not a priori knowledge because a priori knowledge would imply previous, but not necessarily current existence. Does intuition then become the thread and the spiritual link that we need to develop to remember our connectedness? I have been putting some pieces together of my own memories that I think intertwine with my current position in life. I seem to have vivid memories of the Bible story the woman with the hemorrhage. It is as if I actual witnessed it or even was her. Reading that story or relating that story can actually bring me to tears in a way that I am recounting something that happened in my own life only yesterday. I remember her longing and trust that if she could just merely touch the hem of his garment all would be well, her suffering, ostracization and feeling of hopelessness would be over. A priest I actually like related the story in a homily and he took a decidedly odd twist, he concluded she had no faith because he assumed she went on to live her life only being superficially impacted by her healing. I knew from the inside out he was wrong. I just knew she remained faithful to Jesus forever and that that may actually be the basis of my own faith.



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