Intuition the Voice of Spirit

The kingdom of God is within you – that phrase always speaks to me reminding me that we have all we need, all the answers we need inside us right now. The hard part is how to access that inner part of ourselves. I have been a habitual meditator for the better part of 30 years, experimenting with different approaches, contemplative prayer, mental prayer, mantra repetition etc. and I think they all helped me in one way or another at one point in my development or another. I have come to accept that prayer is more than asking for this or pleading for help with that because again, the answers we need are inside. I am coming back again to intuition, I so believe we have to get back into the  practice of being aware of our flashes of intuition initially and then our actual ability to tap into our intuition at will.

The space between the physical worlds and the resplendent lies in a meeting ground I believe, a place where we can learn to go at will and find deeper understanding. I think truth resides there, the truth that is accessible in the here and now and helps us make sense of the here and now. I do think it takes patience to learn how to be open to that space in ourselves and trust in ourselves. Trusting ourselves has never been something we are naturally inclined to do or taught to do. We actively look outward for validation of our own selves as if someone has a better grasp on who or what we are than we do. We pay therapists, doctors even psychic practitioners a lot of money to tell us who we are and why we are feeling what we are feeling – how do they really know for sure? When did we decide they know more than we do? I am not sure how that happened.

I think it will take patience to regain our intuition and trust in ourselves. We have to be willing to stop and not ruminate over any situation we are facing and let the answer just come to us. Then once it does, we have to be willing to accept the answer because it may not be quite what we had hoped for or thought we wanted. Little by little I think we can regain the skill of intuitive thinking, learning to rely on ourselves and then cross the next hurdle into understanding that the voice of intuition we are listening to is actually the voice of spirit. We have once again tapped into what has been available all along and know with a deep knowing that there is something bigger than us out there, that we don’t have to be afraid.




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