Does God “test” us?

Life is just weird…

Had a trying week this past week – don’t get me wrong – over all I can’t complain at all about my life. I know all the right things to do, meditate when you feel like it the least because it is when you need it the most, connect with spirit and trust you are in the right place no matter what the circumstances – it is a life lesson you have to deal with and learn. But sometimes life just tires you out!

I came downstairs early today to mediate and get centered and am still not in the flow, interrupting phone calls, texts, annoying cats and dogs, horses needing to be fed – ok, I’ll do all those things and then try again. I managed a little time to settle down certainly not enough, but again, life is calling. I couldn’t meditate anymore because I am frankly too tired, I need sleep so, I decided to just blog. And then it came to me as it usually does, what I am going to write about? And then it popped into my head –

Does God “test” us? And am I going through a testing period?

After contemplating a bit, I don’t believe so, in order to be tested you have to be being judged and rated in some way. So what would God’s rating system be composed of and what would the scale be? Well, let’s step back, why would God test us? To see if we are worthy? of what? God’s love?

No, I don’t think God tests us, I think that would be antithetical to who or what Spirit is. God is love and that is all, so stuff that happens to us is just the product of our own reaction to our lives and consequently creates the outcome.

I’ve had a trying week – perhaps because that is the way I looked at it and because I need more sleep. Or maybe because I need more sleep that is the way I looked at life this week…yep, I think that is it.



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