Etching the Path to Understanding

I must first admit, I am finding myself a bit obsessed with my newly discovered writings of Teilhard, so apologize if I keep referring to his works. I had previously only read “The Divine Milieu” and “The Phenomenon of Man”, now with these additional writings made available to me, I am devouring them all.

I am now focusing my attention on “Let Me Explain”. And I find myself a bit perplexed and intrigued at the same time. My dear Teilhard, your definition of the Catholic condition identifies 3 basic principles; Faith in Personality, Faith in the Divinity of Jesus Christ, Faith in the reality of the Church-phylum. And then you go on to say, He is physically and literally, He who fills things up, He who consummates, and He who gives its consistence to the entire edifice of Matter and Spirit and I like that so much better. It seems to expand so much on your original definition. Why can’t you still be here to discuss this with me?

You go on to say that God is because of his supremely organized complexity. I love that, because all at once you realize it is God you are with in the dance of life. He introduces you to that which begins to take you to a deeper understanding with an intimate knowledge that exceeds your understanding even of yourself. If God is because of His supremely organized complexity then truth is as well. And truth as an organized complexity gives me hope. Does that mean that the great awakening will occur when God Himself organizes the world as a final synthesis?

My God, why is it that I didn’t see?

Because it has been you all along carefully and considerately exposing then hiding the truths that my undeveloped consciousness had the ability to grasp. Again, Teilhard, the piercing directness of your understanding supersedes my longing by etching the path to understanding. There is so much you understood, so much understanding that had to be derived from direct contact with the Divine One.

“From the moment we admit the reality of an answer that comes to us from on high, we in some way enter into the order of certainty.”

The order of certainty? Wrought by “contact of two centres of consciousness no longer an act of cognition, but of recognition.” It is you Teilhard who have brought us to this understanding because it is you who have attained the contact.

It is He, the Divine One that orders the recognition and we, as in the time of Moses have to wait.




2 thoughts on “Etching the Path to Understanding

    • Funny! Well that’s good I guess! I only knew of the two writings until I connected with your blog….all in good time I guess. You have a wonderful weekend also!


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