Give me your heart and I will care for it tenderly

How do you experience the oneness of God in a world of plurality? All at once I feel like I have had a glimpse – a flash into that oneness, the wholeness, the completeness that is God, but only the briefest glimpse and then it is gone. If we all had a glimpse, perhaps at the same time – in a world where time is actually a construct of plurality is it possible to experience the oneness?  Would that be a glimpse of the unity that Teilhard often spoke of culminating in the omega point? And is that unity the true beauty and truth? Is Christ’s beauty represented by the humanity in his divinity? And is it the unity perhaps that von Balthasar spoke of as the intersection of humanity, divinity and radiance?

I think the mutuality of giving and receiving is required to experience beauty. Christ offers the beauty of his radiance, but we have to be willing to recognize, to receive that beauty and to be transformed by it. He presents himself resplendently and the act of receiving is not then a passive one. It is an active participation in the acceptance of beauty and its impact on our souls. In von Balthasar’s theology of beauty he speaks of the aesthetic arrest which stops us initially – the beauty  – the capture, as we are enamored of the beauty and it resultant possession of us and then our release with changed hearts. 

Give me your heart and I will care for it tenderly, Christ resonates from the lonely tabernacle. It is in the mutuality that it is given and received. The unity is accomplished through the giving and receiving just as in beauty – it is first presented and must be acknowledged and then accepted otherwise the unity of the action is incomplete and no union occurs. I think it can be even more…he tells us to give him our hearts and he will care for them tenderly, but for a true exchange, perhaps we should ask him the same – give me your heart Jesus and I will care for it tenderly, maybe therein lies true recognition of his beauty. 




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