Throwing down the guantlet

I can’t believe it has been 10 days since I last posted – life seems to always get in the way. That actually brings me to a new thought, how do we fully incorporate our spiritual life into our daily life? Yesterday, on the way home from a business trip with seemingly unending travel, I had the opportunity to at least make good use of the delays and listen to some of the YouTube videos posted by Father Robert Barron. I do love listening to Father Bob, his approach is intellectual without being pedantic, I think, and yet at the same time he manages to reach in at more of a spiritual level in addition to being an academic. For me, reading his lectures or listening to his videos grounds me when I am wavering (when I am open to it) and he seems to address all the things – or at least acknowledge them – that I have had concerns about within the Church or with Catholicism in general.

That being said, yesterday in one of the videos that spoke to me, he discussed Jesus and his “kingship” – a word probably repugnant to most Americans, me included. I bristled a bit, but then kept listening. I have often thought about how one incorporates their spirituality into their daily life and gives God priority – it’s hard!  So I continued to listen to Father Bob and what he said was a bit surprising and certainly thought provoking. When we, in the 21st century, hear words like “kingship”, “king”, “lord” they are difficult to identify with, we can give them a cursory nod as they glance over a few of our brain cells, we may even pause a moment to consider their actual meanings, but they in themselves are so far removed from our speak that we can’t fully consider them relevant or applicable. In Barron’s video he stated that Jesus wants to dominate is pretty strong and more relevant and the way he said it even struck me although I doubt it was fully intentional. He said Jesus wants to dom-in-ate us – with emphasis. Jesus wants to dominate every aspect of our lives as King (capital “K”) and not be compartmentalized. I suppose not just be of interest to us Sunday mornings, at prayer times or when it is convenient, that He wants all of us all the time.

I sighed as I pondered still not fully aware of what “actionable” path I could pursue…curiously still caught is my business mind which is actually partly the point. Then I just stopped and said ok, I gave you my heart, Jesus and if you want all of me you can have me, but I want to know the difference. I threw down the gauntlet to Him. I don’t think it is necessarily up to me what happens if I give myself over to Jesus as King and let Him dominate my life. I am hoping I don’t have to take more responsibility than just my offer of myself fully and completely to Him.

My mind turned to John of the Cross, so I started reading his works again…I don’t have answers I can point to yet, maybe I will never will be able to fully recognize the impact of this exchange. I’ll try tho.



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