The Womb of God

I saw the womb of God and He delivered Himself to all of us. I opened my eyes to see Him as if in the 4th dimension where the eye of God sees all. He created us not for our pleasure, but His and He delights in us. So much I wish I knew, I wish I had recognized earlier, now it seems like so much time wasted. My heart breaks as I wait for Him wondering if I will ever experience Him again. I look for Him everywhere and find Him not, he seems to disappear and leave me waiting breathless hoping in my stillness I will realize Him again. His experience is not re-create-able, I can’t force, push or pull Him back, all I can do is wait and look for Him and long.

 Jesus in Cell Phone 2009


3 thoughts on “The Womb of God

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  2. Well he has his own ways and I am sure they aren’t selfish! The one who cares and guides my journey is always there for me. I just need to held my head up high so that i could feel the divine presence. All because he never left me alone… I was right there with his hope, affection and love 🙂

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