Be Blind in Him

You rest in Him and He Heals you with His secret wisdom.

~ Thomas Merton, Seven Story Mountain.

Yes, while we are all on our quest for Him, may we all learn to recognize that to know Him is to indeed rest in Him, take comfort in Him, be blind in Him. My journey has had many dips and turns all because I tried to lead the way to rush and dig and push and press. It has lead me to create many diversions and fissures that were dead ends. I oftentimes thought with sincerity that the path I was on was true, oftentimes that I had finally found the one true path that would lead me to Him. God let me lead myself on my paths to nowhere because He knew that like a child, I had to learn for myself.

I just got around to reading Merton’s Seven Story Mountain, a beautiful story of a path filled with twists, turns and final awakening. His honesty and brilliance in expressing his experience with such vulnerability was at times heartbreaking and always humbling. I will never achieve the depths of contemplation and union he achieved, but I am inspired to try and with God’s grace I hope to get a little way.






2 thoughts on “Be Blind in Him

  1. They say we have to accept life his ways but I feel that ‘his’ ways are not just for acceptance but more than that! They are filled with the mirth of joy, guidance and inspiration. Thanks for sharing such blissful thoughts, they will help my peace 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for reading and your comments! And yes, I couldn’t agree more – in our acceptance we find Him and find true joy. Peace and God Blessing’s to you.


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