Hope – Christ as its Sacred Vessel

Hope. To have hope to give hope to be hope. I keep thinking about the impact of hope on our human psyches. I am not sure anyone can exist without hope and I do believe that for many, Christ represents hope as its sacred vessel. I get calls from friends asking for prayers, we all do, and what is it they are really asking? They want to believe many voices appealing to God will somehow influence the outcome of their need. All good and appropriate, God asks us to come to him with all our needs. But what is they are looking for at a primal level? I think it is hope. I had a friend call – I can’t even call her a friend really, she was a business associate from years ago. She has a problem and said she kept thinking of me so she decided maybe I could help. I can’t really, hers is a very complex problem, but I just started thinking, what would compel her to call me after all these years? Hope, I think she was looking for hope. I talked with her whenever she would call, promised to pray for her and I hope she got some comfort from our conversations, that she found a little hope to keep her going.  

“It has sometimes seemed to me there are three weak stones sitting dangerously in the foundations of the modern Church: first, a government that excludes democracy; second, a priesthood that excludes and minimises women; third, a revelation that excludes, for the future, prophecy.”  ~ Teilhard de Chardin, Letter to Christophe de Gaudefroy, 7 October 1929, Lettres in⁄dites, 80

That quote from a letter Teilhard wrote gives me hope, that probably seems odd. How can a quote that identifies 3 key weaknesses in the Church bring anyone hope? Simply having the courage to identify them, pointing the problems out, bringing them into the light for all to see so they must be dealt with – albeit eventually. It took courage for Teillard to be the one to put a label on weaknesses in the Church, but he really was courageous wasn’t he? He faced censure, ostracism, misunderstanding and yet he wrote and emoted truth in a way the Church finally had to recognize. Somehow his courage to speak out gives me hope that problems of the Church can be solved, that the church is worth sticking with and helping her however I can, to grow as I grow too.

“Love is the most universal, the most tremendous and the most mystical of cosmic forces. Love is the primal and universal psychic energy. Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.”

Another Teilhard quote I love. Where does hope spring from? Love. As Teilhard stated it is “like the blood of spiritual evolution” and perhaps the blood and tears of hope. Christ is love eternal and therefore surely the sacred vessel of hope, I believe. In Him we find our hope and our light in the darkness – personally and in our Church.

Credit Teilhard quotes: http://teilharddechardin.org/index.php/teilhards-quotes

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