Clear the Path

Clear the path. Our path to God is littered by our excesses, our attachments, our dirty laundry. They become more than obstacles, they become nearly undetectable half lives masquerading as our full and complete lives. They distract us from the important work of this life – our path to God. Teilhard de Chardin wanted to be an “apostle for God”, Thomas Merton a saint. If we are to follow in their footsteps we too need to find that path, the one true path. We need to clear our path of all in our lives that take precedence. Does it mean we leave this world and seek a solitary lifestyle? No, but that we live our lives constantly aware that we are in the presence of He who loves us. We need to see all aspects of our lives as gifts from God and all else is just an illusion a distraction along our path.

I believe as we cry out for Him he weeps for us. He is everywhere and we see Him not, He rejoices in those moments of awakening when we can finally lift our heads out of our lives and look up and see Him smiling back at us. He yearns for those brief and all too infrequent moments. I think Mother Mary prays and watches in silence for yet another head to turn upward. First, we see past our mere survival, then past our passions, then our emotions and then we begin to see with our hearts, to breathe with our hearts and breathe with Him. At that point we begin to see glimpses of Him more frequently and our communication begins to grow more clearly so we seek Him more. We rush now past our earthly awareness into the bays of bliss and hear in our indigo silence His voice as it was and here our journey truly begins.



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