Now it’s cool to be Catholic?

Wow, the cool kids are Catholic now? What does that mean for the rest of us? Last night on her show, Rachel Maddow admitted – actually admitted – to being a lifelong and currently practicing Catholic…pretty surprising to me. So does that mean that it is cool to be Catholic now? And what are the implications? I think it means that Pope Francis is walking in the ways of Jesus reaching out to all the sinners and saints among us (and I am not choosing which side Rachel is on). As we know, Jesus was criticized for spending time with tax collectors and prostitutes and even women…have times changed much? Isn’t the Holy Father being criticized for what many believe are those of us somehow not as worthy, the sinners, those we look upon thinking they are somehow less holy than the rest of us. How ironic.

Jesus taught us to walk in his ways – to walk in love – not selectively. And in return we offer Him our scraps of love, our incomplete, runny nosed, half baked attempts at unconditional love and that is all He wants. Maybe we need to remember we carry Jesus with us all the time, for me that thought hit home. I carried my children with me when I was pregnant, I couldn’t say, “tonight, I want to do something that isn’t healthy for my unborn child, I want to go partying with my friends so I am going to set my unborn child aside and pick her back up when I return.” I think it is the same with Jesus, He is in us always being subjected to every un-God like thing we do – He witnesses daily our struggles, our sins, our incompleteness.

So maybe now it is cool to be Catholic and that is great if it brings more people to Jesus’ table. But honestly, whether we admit it or not, Jesus is always with us whether we think it is cool or not.


2 thoughts on “Now it’s cool to be Catholic?

  1. Cool post .. clear message. Jesus is indeed always with us … and in all the people we meet too. If only we can keep this in mind. Pope Francis is a powerful reminder and carries this message. Thank God for this beloved Pope.


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