Law of the Gift

It is a privilege to be a servant of God. It is a blessing to be a part of the Church a “phylum of love” as Teilhard de Chardin put it. We are all given talents in this world to serve Him and each other. The Ark of the Covenant – the church – is being opened and renewed right before our eyes, but unless we know Him, we may not be able to see it. We may continue to be blinded by the “glittering of gold” and “shiny things” or things that distract us. We all have a Gethsemane, the world has a Gethsemane and the Church has a Gethsemane it too must pass through. Faith, our faith, gives us the ability to continue to persevere through our lives, but we need to make our faith a priority – the waters of baptism are being wasted. Although we have left our old lives behind and taken on a new life in Baptism, maybe we aren’t showing it to the world. It is a privilege to be a servant of God and to be a part of the Catholic Church.  We seek God, because God seeks us more. It is through our work, through our lives, we show Him to the world – I think that is the Law of the Gift as John Paul II put it. It is in showing the world the truth as we know it to be.

God gave us our missions at the Cross. The connection, the intimacy of the Eucharist is that we are NOT consuming his body and blood, we are being consumed by Him, we become His body of Christ, one body IN Christ. We receive communion, it is a gift, God’s gift and relentless attempt to restore the banquet he originally gave us and receive life from Him. What you eat, you become – we become one body – His body. The world consists of developing souls who are assisted by what they perceive in this world. Unfortunately, the world on which we depend is but a “diminished harmonic” as Teilhard would say – we will only be completed in union, strengthened when we are consumed by Christ in the Eucharist.

In the eyes of love, Christ will be revealed. God reveals Himself when we aren’t looking and reveals Himself in truth.  The tragedy in Paris left me deeply troubled as it did everyone. In the name of their God the extremists continue to carry out violent acts in the name of truth, but a truth that could not be more false. They are taking, not giving life, they are taking, not giving love, they have lost their way. Fear will not stop them, nor will force to meet their force. Love and mercy is the only way to demonstrate truth, loving the families of those who lost loved ones, praying for those who have died or are victims of violence and praying for those who we perceive as our enemies – on a global level.  There Christ will be revealed and it is the only way.

The picture below is of our Lady of Pontmain, in the South of France. Paris was under siege and she appeared and protected the people of Brittany, France from the invading Prussian forces.

Our Lady of Pontmain, Our Lady of Good Hope pray for the people of France and for us all.


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