My life of faith has been one of winding paths, twists and turns, dips and valleys like a vine looking for something to cling to. Sometimes I think we just need to be still, very still and listen for His voice. I have learned what a priority this needs to be. The further we get from the light – His light – the harder it is for us to see it and find our way back, He shows us the footsteps on the unseen path. Union of all unions – that is what it is meant to be as we climb higher and higher in our spiritual lives. The waters of Baptism are being wasted, Mother Mary cries for our return. We need to make God and our own spirituality a priority now. I think we have lost the sense of what Baptism is, the sense of taking off our old clothes – our old selves and emerging new and changed. We are charged, I think, with showing the world the difference our Baptism means. We may have lost our way, wandered deep into the woods of life and been attacked by the spirits of deadends who can only blink and still draw people to them. They cannot lead, they hold us back and distract us from growing and are the weeds Jesus spoke of that choke out true life. We are cleansed so we are made ready, worthy of Him. What does God want of us? To rejoin Him in the land of perfected peace, but in order to do that we have to be ready, do the training while on earth. If we are prepared, if we honor what Christ has taught us and follow the path, rather than the hell on earth we sometimes create, we have it easier in the here and now and it assures us we pass and we continue on in eternity. I am not sure I know what eternity is, but I would prefer to be prepared for it than not. The problems we manifest by not seeing with His eyes and loving Him first and each other may be just a foretaste of what awaits us if we don’t follow His way. Loving each other was at the heart of Jesus’ teaching and also a gift of the spirit. If we are open to receiving this gift, I believe, it will fill us with love.

He has told us He is the truth the life and the WAY. We can reunite with Him who created us! We need to be spiritually reawakened and touched by the Holy Spirit…if we think God is a living God, we can’t treat him as if he were dead! How we are to begin I am not totally sure. Maybe by not beginning with what we think we are expected to do, but by realizing what God has already done. Maybe we begin by accepting the gift of God’s love with gratitude. Maybe with gratitude we will see His hands wet with clay at the moment of our creation.


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