Love Our Enemies?

“After all, what is your personal identity? It is what you really are, your real self. None of us is what he thinks he is, or what other people think he is, still less what his passport says he is… And it is fortunate for most of us that we are mistaken. We do not generally know what is good for us. That is because, in St. Bernard’s language, our true personality has been concealed under the ‘disguise’ of a false self, the ego, whom we tend to worship in place of God.” —Thomas Merton, The Waters of Siloe

I’ve been thinking about this some, I guess enough that I changed my blog name from my anonymous, Molma Indigo, in an attempt to, I guess be honest, with myself and anyone who finds their way to my posts. I think I initially hid out of fear; what if people didn’t like what I wrote? What if I get bored and just stop? And most importantly, what if people I actually know find out I write a blog on religious topics, about my Catholic identity? So I decided not to hide who I am, to stop compartmentalizing my life, and to be who God intended me to be – well at least partly. So that’s my story, but I think there is more.

The religious extremists are suffering from an identity problem too, I think. They are suffering from delusions that their prophet should be avenged by death and in some twisted way that will be pleasing to God. They seem to believe that Western immorality is somehow more egregious than using little girls as sex slaves and that the reward of 72 vestal virgins in heaven is… moral. But I think there is still more.

I think they are afraid. I think social media and access to information has shined such a stark light on what they are not, that they are striking back out of fear of what they don’t know, and against the only thing that seems worth fighting for in their lives – their faith.

So two questions arise, first, do we have the same passion for our God? I was afraid to let people know how “religious” I was, let alone face down death for my faith.

Secondly, I don’t believe war and life for a life is going to solve this age-old dispute – remember the Crusades were also waged against the Muslims….

So maybe we let the war people wage what they will and we do what Christ instructed us to do – love our enemies, pray for them, let them see who our God really is, really a God of Love and let Him change their hearts and solve this age-old problem. Prayer is the only thing that is going to solve this in the long run and permanently. Let us find our true identity in Christ and stop worshipping our ego in place of our God.

Our Lady of Pontmain, Pray for Us.

We also pray for those who lost their lives and we pray for those who mourn them.

And lastly, we pray for the converted hearts of our enemies. Let them see our Jesus for who He is, not a prophet like Mohammed, not a holy man like the Buddha, but the Son of God.

vatican dove


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