The Sacred One Seeks

The seeker is actually the sought.

Jesus is constantly reaching out to us, inviting us to interact with him at the level we are ready for. I have come to believe that my seeking is actually in direct response to His seeking me, His insistence that we spend more time together, His wanting to focus attention on me and for me to take the time to stop and listen. He wants to attune Himself with all of us and our seeking, what we think we are looking for, is actually our sense of His yearning for us.

I have spent more time this Lenten season in adoration, in front of Blessed Sacrament directly and in contemplation of the Sacred One. My yearning, my wandering, my seeking intensified again and once again I felt like a mother looking for her lost child – where is she? Where can she be? Why can’t I find her? I decided to spend more time meditating one day, not reading, not thinking, just being and I was given a small grace, a small insight which to me was huge – that my yearning is His yearning, my seeking His seeking….me. He called me by name, just like He calls all of us.

From St Peter Julian Eymard:

True love looks not at what it gives, but at what it’s beloved desires.

With the spouse in the Canticle of Canticles you will say, “My soul melted with bliss when my Beloved spoke.” Then you will Listen to Him in silence, or rather in love’s most gentle and powerful action: you will become one with Him. 

The Sacred One is always seeking us I think. We just need to stop and listen for His voice.


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