Hello again…

Wow, I can not believe it has been more than 2 months since my last post. Well, the spiritual journey never ends and the seeker keeps looking until he finds. The last few months have been interesting from a spiritual perspective and I found myself in a place I have been so many times before. Faith is endless days, weeks and months of conversion re-invigorating, re-igniting, tying and retying the bond to – for me – the catholic Church. I love the church, I do, that is what makes the doubt hard even in the face of obvious issues. I must love her otherwise the things I find objectionable would have driven me out long ago, but for HER I put up with them.

However, recently I have come across teachings that I dare say seem more authentic to me, more original if you will, perhaps reaching back to before the Church became organized religion. These speak of the Christ living within all of us – of course He does – that is the spark that differentiates us from the non-living. These teachings give more prominence to Mary Magdalene as we should, she was as it says in the Bible – the Apostle to  the Apostles. Contained in the teachings are beautifully illustrated ways to live spiritual lives while in the world and how to walk with Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary in this life. These are not unfamiliar, I am reading what seems to be a vein of gnosticism that has somehow preserved the original teachings. I have been looking for the telltale signs of someone looking for self-glorification, even of ties to some weird and obvious or not so obvious tangents, but I haven’t found anything that red flags and sends my antennae up, so I continue learning and exploring.

I have felt something I haven’t in a long time, I feel refreshed, I feel at peace and I feel like I have found something authentic to Christ’s teachings. I will post of my journey and see where this leads me.

sun and stick2


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