“The Night” – Day 2 with John of The Cross

“On a dark night, aroused in love with yearnings— oh, happy chance!—I went out without being observed, since all in my house were asleep.”

There are three reasons the soul’s journey to union with God are called the “night”:

  1. The soul has to detach itself from it’s senses because what it “senses” it wants. I see what I want, I see what I think I need, I hear what I want, I feel what I want. Not that the senses are bad or evil – God gave us bodies, encasements for our soul not to be separated from them. We can’t let our senses control us instead of us controlling them. Money is not bad, but what you do with it/for it can be, sex is not bad, but “lust in our hearts” is bad and can set us on the wrong path
  2. Walking in faith – once we control our senses and detach from them, we need to walk in faith toward God even if we don’t understand where we are going (I can attest to this for sure!)
  3. The end point or goal – union with God

“God infuses the soul into the body, the soul is like a smooth, blank board on which nothing is painted. except for the things that it experiences through the senses, nothing is communicated to it from any other source. As long as it is in the body, it is like one in a dark prison who knows nothing except what he can see through the prison’s windows. so the senses are the prison windows of the soul.” Ascent of Mount Carmel referenced above p.15.

Our desires and passions become obstacles to union with God because where are attention is our heart is, they become our gods.



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