Day 3 -The Soul’s Interior Darkness

Can not receive light.

Two opposite qualities cannot coexist in one person. darkness, which is passion for created things, and light, which is god, are opposites. As Paul said to the Corinthians: what communion can there be between light and darkness?

The greater the passion, the greater the likeness between them.

Divine wisdom speaks to all who set their hearts and passions on anything of the world. she calls them “little ones” because they make themselves like what they love, which is little.

These are the passages that speak to me in this chapter. What we have a passion for we are attracted to and what we are attracted to we risk becoming like. Like begets like. And passion isn’t always good. We can have a passionate argument and does that make us less open to others point of view? Does our passion for another cause us to forget our obligation or commitment to another? Does our passion become our god?

The greater the passion, the greater the affinity, the binding, the attachment.

Attachment to the world – to things that are ever changing – causes us to be attached to the little things of life.

Frozen Rose


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