Mary’s Church – My Mother’s Church



I had a couple of interesting revelations over the last few weeks. As anyone who has read any of my blog posts knows, I waiver back and forth with my Catholic faith. I can only describe it as first temptation, I become dissatisfied with something in the Church, annoyed about something, or question something and then every doubt I have ever had seems to rush in.  It seems as if the evil one sits in wait for me to waiver and then pounces when my thoughts become unclear. So revelation number one was:

“And I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades shall not overpower it,” Matthew 16:18

So maybe even with all that seems wrong, the truth that is in the Church remains. I have to remember that in the beginning there was only the one Church, the Catholic Church.

And revelation number 2:

A mother never gives up on her children. 

Easy one for me to identify with, as a mother I know I would never give up on my children no matter how far or where they had fallen. If they are in trouble, I would be there with them whether they wanted me there or no,  doing whatever I could to get them back on track and out of trouble. Jesus called us to be his friends, he wants to us to voluntarily follow him. He provides solid and compelling reasons why following him makes sense, but he leaves it up to us. He wants us to choose him.

Mother Mary knew him, understood him and and her message was and is, “Do whatever he tells you”.

The Catholic Church is my mother’s Church, my heavenly Mother’s Church. And I believe now more than ever she has been the one staying with me, interceding with Jesus and never giving up on me – that is the reason I keep coming back to the Church. She knows it is the right place to be, the place of truth and the place I belong.



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