Have we lost our way following The Way of Jesus?

I spend a lot of my time searching, wandering, wondering if Jesus came back today would he be happy with contemporary Christianity? What was he really trying to teach us? Have we lost our way in trying to follow The Way? Are we a part of the small band of followers who really hears him and will make it through the “narrow gate” or have we followed the masses mindlessly like lemmings – victims of life long and multiple generations of indoctrination?

I fear the later.

We are close to our celebration of Christmas, many state that Jesus truly wasn’t born December 25th – I am not sure it matters, he was born one day during the year and there doesn’t seem to be a strong record of exactly when that was, he was born on a day so December 25th is as good as any. The idea to celebrate Christmas on December 25 apparently originated in the 4th century. Did the Catholic Church want to eclipse the festivities of a rival pagan religion that threatened Christianity’s existence? Or was it an early attempt at inculturation? Incorporating local custom into liturgical celebration to ease the transition of the faithful in line with Church (and Roman) practice. Most likely. But to celebrate Christmas is a part of our culture, maybe not an accurate expression of faith.

Has Catholicism and Christianity suffered the same fate as all of history? To the victor goes the spoils and the record of events.

My starting pain points:

  1. Jesus never called us to worship him, he said worship “my Father” – our Father – find him worthy. Jesus called himself our friend, our brother.
  2. Jesus said call no earthly man “Father” why do we call our priests “Father”? Matt 23:9
  3. He loved women, does our Church?
  4. Why does Mary have to be a Virgin? Mary’s virginity was not doctrine until the Council of Nicea in 325AD, which also determined the canonical Gospels.
  5. Paul was not an apostle and never met Jesus, yet his letters represent maybe 60% of the New Testament.

More later, Merry Christmas, have compassion and empathy during the holidays. I think Jesus  would like that, even love is misused and misunderstood.

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