The Magdalene – Emergence of the Sacred Feminine

This site will be dedicated to Mary Magdalene and the emergence of the Sacred Feminine.

Through out history, Mary Magdalene was the most maligned Biblical figure and stands as a symbol of evolving consciousness for the 21st Century.  The oppressed element of the feminine must be transformed for humankind to evolve. We must refine our thinking and previously held convictions of what we have been taught throughout the centuries. We must now embrace the evolution of our consciousness at a time when humanity is poised to step to the next level. We have been indoctrinated by false teaching founded from a time represented by patriarchy. We have long ignored the teachings of Jesus that clearly addressed his desire to acknowledge the feminine as completion, as the essential union  without which we can not transcend our Earthly limitations.

Jesus cured Mary Magdalene of 7 demons – of the seven deadly sins themselves. She was a fully enlightened being.

Mary Magdalene,  was commissioned by the risen Jesus to witness his resurrection, is and is called “the apostle to the apostles” ~John 20:17–18 and Mark 16:9–1. Mary Magdalene was not ONE of the apostles, she was the bearer of the secret teachings and the TEACHER of the apostles. The one held in highest esteem, yet buried for 2000+ years.

She is emerging like a rose frozen in waiting, ready to bloom.

Frozen Rose


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