The Apostle to the Apostles Arises

As we all are connected living and breathing together she emerges. Yeshua is the new Adam and she is and always was the new Eve. Not a sinner though, she is humanity. Yeshua cured her of her humanity – the 7 deadly sins – and she has waited in time  for  the world to be ready for her awakening. She is the woman Peter addressed with deference after the death of Christ because he recognized Christ loved her differently than he loved the apostles.

John 20:17–18 and Mark 16:9–1 Mary Magdalene, commissioned by the risen Jesus to inform the disciples of his resurrection, is called “the apostle to the apostles”.

We are ready now to move forward beyond our genetic indoctrination and those ties that have held us bound to the religions of ancient men. Mary Magdalene was identified as the Apostle to the Apostles in those ancient times and humanity was not ready for the teachings Yeshua shared only with her. She became the Sophia – wisdom – wedded to the logos – the principle of divine reason. Ancient men re-dressed the delusions Yeshua came to eradicate and humanity has lived on in new error. Mary Magdalene has awakened to midwife our transformation in to truth.

Like migrating birds following the same paths encoded in their DNA, we must move beyond the years of religious indoctrination and open ourselves up to the teaching that has remained hidden. Mary Magdalene was able to see what the Apostles could only hear. Mary Magdalene became the great knowing of the resurrected Christ and is revealing herself now to those “who have ears to hear”.


Mary Magdalene, 1877, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti



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