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It seems I have spent a lifetime trying to understand spirituality. My path has led me from Philosophy, to Buddhism, to Catholicism and now to early Christianity. Violent indoctrination has …

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Early Christianity

The current canonical Gospels were approved during the Council of Nicea in 325AD by Emperor Constantine. Prior to that ancient council there were many Gospels in use, the most widely utilized being the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of the Hebrews. Unlike other Jewish-Christian gospels, the Gospel of the Hebrews was not dependent on the Gospel of Matthew as it’s source document. These early followers may have claimed James as their founder and leader and is more similar to the canonical Gospels. The Gospel of Thomas had a more Gnostic flavor and was more similar in nature to the Gospel of John. There was a lively following of early Christians that recited and remembered the stories of Jesus and his miracles. Since society at this time was largely illiterate, their primary form of transmission of teachings would have been through story telling.

What did they believe though and how did it differ from what we believe now? Rome was in decline during the 4th Century and Constantine saw an opportunity to capitalize on the up and coming Jesus movement to sanctify his role and position. He used the Church to strengthen and expand his kingdom “in the name of God” and with the Church’s blessings. What impact did that have on early believers? Sadly, a significant and tragic impact. Many of the early sects ended up being declared heretical and the Romans were more than willing to partner with the Church to eliminate those not in agreement with them.

The outcome is perhaps even more  tragic, the victors memorialize history and tell the tale that they want to be told. One only needs to look to American history for a recent and applicable example. Up until recently, history was written according to the recollections of Christopher Columbus and crew and he was hailed a “hero” for discovering America and slaying the savage “Indians”. Well, we now know that perhaps it was the Europeans who were the savages, the aggressors and that the natives were actually the victims.

The same can be applied to early Christians. Take one group for example, the Cathars – from  the Greek for “pure ones,” who were a Gnostic sect and followers of John. They were well entrenched in southern France and their followers numbered as high as 20,000 in around the 12th-14th Centuries . By the early thirteenth century Catharism was likely the dominant religion in the area and many Catholic texts refer to the concern that Catharism would actually replace Catholisism completely. They were known to the people in Southern France as the Bons Hommes or “Good People” and they followed a simple communal life where men and women were considered equal and could hold leadership positions, but their beliefs were quite different than those of the Roman church.

Cathars were dualists believing in the idea of two Gods or principles, one being good and the other evil.  The good God was the God who was the creator of the spiritual realm, contrasted with the evil God who was the creator of the physical world – much like the Jehovah and Satan of mainstream Christianity today.  The only way to escape the physical world was through rounds of reincarnation, which according to another early Church Father, Origen, was also taught by Jesus.

The Cathars believed that one would continue to reincarnate until they could deny their attachment to the material world. They believed a man could be reincarnated as a woman and vice versa creating an atmosphere where gender was completely meaningless.[46] The spirit was the most important to the Cathars which they also considered not from the  material world and sexless. Because of this, the Cathars believed women and men were equal  and just as capable of being spiritual leaders, which stood in direct conflict with the belief of an all-male priesthood held by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Cathars, like the Gnostics who preceded them, felt Mary Magdalene held a more significant role in the spread of Christianity than even Peter. Her vital role as a teacher was the model for the Cathar belief that women could serve as spiritual leaders. Women were counted among the Cathari Perfecti or leaders, in significant numbers.

Fearing for loss of control of the people and the Church, under orders of Pope Innocent III and with the full support of the King of France, Dominic led a campaign against the Cathars and after 40 years and the extermination of the Cathars, the Roman Church had proof that a sustained campaign of genocide could work. The year 1234 AD saw the start of the inquisition with the goal to root out any remaining Cathars. Sadly, their march against those in opposition continued until all detractors were eliminated.

We must begin to piece through what was original to these early Christians and what was added to serve competing agendas of successive church and civil leaders. Now with the finding of the Nag Hammadi documents, the unadulterated Gospels found in Egypt in 1947, we can begin to see into an earlier and perhaps truer form of Christianity.

We owe it to ourselves to understand the truth or at least to make sure what we believe is not the result of years of indoctrination founded on violence and more on what the genuine teachings of Jesus actually were.



Maybe all who wander really are not lost, but called to the Truth

What if the way we have been taught to believe in God and in Jesus all of these years is wrong? What if it has actually led us on the wrong path and led us astray?

I have been struggling to be a Catholic for years now, leaving and returning to the Church over and over – maybe not always physically, but always in my thoughts and in what I believed. I have read so much, listened to so much and prayed so much and I keep wandering. I have read St. John of the Cross, St Teresa of Avila, Confessions of St Augustine. I have prayed to Jesus and Mary that I be given the gift of faith so I can stay faithful, prayed to “heal my unbelief”. I have prayed to St.’s Pio, Francis, Therese, Teresa, JPII, listened to endless lectures from Bishop Robert Barron, Fulton Sheen and still I wander. I question, I wrestle. I decide wrestling with God will make my faith stronger.

But, maybe not.

I think I am being called away because it is wrong, this is not what Jesus taught. And then I read on Biblical corruption and sadly, I start to believe.

The problem is that, regardless of how much evidence is shown to the majority of modern Christians — evidence which demonstrates conclusively that the New Testament scriptures were severely altered by the Church of Rome — they will refuse to acknowledge the facts. Why? Because the majority of modern Christians are a disenfranchised people — severed from the presence of the indwelling Spirit which is given to the truly faithful disciples in order to teach them — and they are afraid to deviate from their present-day doctrine and church dogma……If it is true that the fourth century Roman Church severely altered the written word of the scriptures, then it is absolutely necessary for the modern believer to search out the facts. Faith in the Word means that if we are a truly faithful people, that the Son of God will open our minds and enlighten us to the Truth. When we therefore ignore the facts, and blindly cling to the error of the corrupt church of Rome, then we inhibit the Lord from teaching us the truth….

Christians who desire truth over error will want to know when the problem of scriptural alteration began? Something which no sincere believer today should take lightly is the charge against Christians by Celsus, the second century Epicurean philosopher, who alleged that: “Certain Christians, like men who are overcome by the fumes of wine and care not in the least what they say, alter the original text of the Gospels so that they admit of various and almost indefinite readings. And this, I suppose, they have done out of worldly policy, so that when we press an argument home, they might have the more scope for their pitiful evasions”. To which allegation the third century Church Father Origen replied: “Besides, it is not at all fair to bring this charge against the Christian religion as a crime unworthy of its pretended purity; only those persons who were concerned in the fraud should, in equity, be held answerable for it” (Origen, Contra Celsus).

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Biblical corruption occurred as soon as the Gospels were written.

And so the real journey begins, re-discovering my true connection with the source of all being and the Holy Spirit that dwells within all of us, where Yeshua told us he be be with us until the end of time.

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Only the Heart is Holy

From my  meditation today:

When we remember only the heart is holy we will begin to understand the world.

When we realize our hearts must be aligned everything will fall into place. When we learn to think first with our hearts everything will come together and be ordered correctly.

Life begins in the heart, our being develops around it, if we have an open heart seeking the highest good, we are open and see things in a pure light, as they truly are. If our heart is closed, we developed a thick, hard shell and see things through a darkened lens of perception that is distorted.

Our hearts must rule our being, pure intention brings pure truth. When we think with our pure hearts we can do no wrong, we will know pure peace, the world will know peace.

Purity of heart, thinking with the heart for the highest intention is the only way.

Female and male will become one of heart and conflict will end. Discrimination will end, suffering will end. We can then work for the highest good of all.

Honor is not important

Being right is not important

Being first is not important

Being the best is not important

Seeking the highest good from our hearts is the most important.




What Mary Magdalene experienced on a vibrational level

Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, a repentant sinner as Pope Gregory proclaimed. She was a growing, emerging person as is all of humanity. Jesus brought her through the 7 centers of spirit or chakras to be able to raise the level of all of humanity with him, but starting with her. She was the yin to his yang, his other half, his completeness. That may seem revolutionary to say, but isn’t that more likely? He was born male so as close as he can come to integrating the female side of himself still results in a dominant male side. He recognized his archetype needing a corresponding female component.

What did Mary Magdalene preach in the South of France? There was no “Gospel” at that time, just the lessons she learned from Jesus. She learned the lessons of the centers of spirit or chakras,  so she could evolve to be a fully enlightened being. As a fully enlightened being she would be able to remain in contact with him after he shed his physical body. He represented pure goodness in the world, unadulterated with no need to evolve – he had already evolved. He taught her that what she thought she manifested in the physical world – in her own reality and collectively with those around her. He taught her attachment to the physical gave rise to distorted thinking and images and being out of balance created manifestations of that nature.

Jesus taught her to see the centers of spirit for what they truly were and to be in balance:

Root center of spirit: innocence and acceptance

Sacral center of spirit: Awareness of self and correct interpretation of the feelings of others

Solar Plexus: Where physical energy and creativity flow, completeness and satisfaction reside here

Heart: The bridge, compassion, love, the true self

Throat: Speaking with knowledge of interconnectivity of all things

Third Eye: Forgiveness, compassion and spiritual awakening

Crown: Connective center to spirit, integrates all centers of spirit and their associated qualities.  Mary Magdalene mastered the lower vibrational aspects of her being and was able to reside in full spiritual awareness that bodies are like seeds that are outgrown and communication beyond the physical realm is possible.

How? Thoughts, disciplining our thoughts. Loving “love” first and always, is this a loving act? Is this a loving  thought? It this compassionate? Loving “God” is loving “love”. It is the compass, the true beginning and the true ending of our existence in the physical realm. It is from this point that all reality as we know it unfolds. The greater the percentage of love, the greater the beautiful and sacred aspects of life come into being. The darker lower thoughts manifest slower vibrations creating shadow demons we waste time chasing rather than changing our perception our own thoughts.

We raise our vibration by changing the way we think. Love “love” first and you will change your perception and the world around you. The true path lies right in front of you, yo need just walk it.


New President – First Chakra

We all seem to have regressed to first chakra energy with the advent of this new administration taking office. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We have allowed a political event to become a dominate fixture in our minds and in our hearts and let it take our peace – regardless of our political affiliation.

What manifests in the physical realm first started on the spiritual plane. We have been living in a lower vibratory state only being concerned with what now has become the norm for what we consider survival. Materialism, consumerism have become our little gods and what defines us as a country. We react to perceived loss because our identities have become attached to what we have and what we want. We have lost the ability to engage our neighbors with different opinions let alone love them. We hate them and are being quite adept at finding creative ways to tell them.

Power is motivating us as is perceived loss of power. Nothing has changed! We create the world we want to see.

To what end? Do we forget that anger really only hurts ourselves? We need to rise above, we need to create our world by seeing it differently than we do now. If we see demons all around us, we are creating them. We need to accept responsibility for our own perceptions and change our world view then through our collective consciousness will the world change.

Meet me at a higher vibratory level.

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Messages from Mary Magdalene: Magnetic Heart Field

The changes we are experiencing now individually and globally are the result of a shift in energies. We must contribute to that shift to guide the world into the sacred feminine, it is only through the energy of the feminine that the world will evolve into a more peace filled and stable energy pattern.

Mary Magdalene emoted from the heart center and was able to engage the world around her after the death of Jesus from the magnetic energy found here.True encounters with this spiritual center bring an intense feeling of love unlike anything one can experience on the physical plane.

I experienced this energetic field most profoundly during a near death experience. I was losing a baby and near the end of the medical procedure I encountered two beings of light who came and touched me and took the spiritual essence of the baby with them. She maintained her separateness and I was filled with so much love that I knew everything was going to be fine. I wanted to stay with them and not leave this feeling of all encompassing love, but they told me I could not stay. The memory of the experience has stayed with me ever since and I do not fear death and know my baby is in a good place waiting to incarnate again.

Love is all around us, if we discipline our minds away from negative thoughts. Train yourselves to look for positive energy, do not dwell on anything negative. Thoughts are actions and we are creating our own reality. What happens in the physical realm starts in the spiritual. The world around us manifests individually and by our collective contribution, why would you want to add more pain into  the world?

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