Chakra Position of Religions

Careful observation and study clearly reveal the association of key current religions and their place in the evolutionary cycle associated with the wheels of energy also known as chakras. By understanding the meaningful evolution of religion, we can begin to see the clear path humanity is on and where we individually and societally need to grow to continue our spiritual advancement. Spiritual advancement is truly the ultimate and only goal humanity needs to fulfill. People across the world are opening up and witnessing changes that are occurring all around them.The time is ripe to witness and have the courage to leave our old beliefs and habits of conformity behind knowing that something better awaits our discovery. No religion is solely symbolized by one chakra, there is definitely a mix of energies as evolution starts to wake up adherents. Below represents an illustration of the greater part of each religion.

Chakras of Matter: Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Atheism

Root Chakra: Associated with inherited beliefs, survival and our connection with the physical world.When in balance, it grounds us to the earth, to our families and to the world community. Out of balance it becomes territorial, “survival of the fittest”, domination and oppression of individuals, society and abuse of the earth and other living things.

Religion most associated with Root Chakra: Islam. Mohammed’s call for conversion to Islam as the only true faith, oppression of women, pedophilia with it’s ongoing support of child brides, domination by the strongest within the community to the oppression and abuse of others. Christianity also began in the Root Chakra, political power gained by association with the Church, the Roman Empire structured the Church in a male dominated, hierarchical power base which continues today. The Church has begun to evolve no longer pursuing forced conversions and focusing on helping the poor and marginalized. Atheism is associated with the root chakra as well, no spiritual foundation, complete association with matter and the physical world.

Second or Spleen Chakra: Associated with creativity, pleasure and sexuality. Repressed by Islam, sex used as power and domination, women do not have equal standing, practice of child brides continues. Christianity also has influence from the second chakra; priests must be celibate, priest pedophilia scandal, women do not have equal standing and are marginalized within the church hierarchy, emphasis on Mary’s virginity, disdain of women by “fathers” of the Church. Orthodox Judaism is also associated with the second chakra, male domination, separation of the sexes, marginalization of women.

Third or Solar Plexus Chakra: Represents personal power and emotion. Islam is tied to the third chakra with it’s emphasis on “honor killings” being justified, beating of women and children for religious infractions. Christianity is suppressed in the third chakra, male dominated clergy holding a tight reign on power, refusal to allow women any standing in Church authority based on falsely tied notions associated with the male sex of Jesus that masks the fear of letting go and obsession with power.

Fourth or Heart Chakra: The bridge between the chakras of matter and the chakras of spirit. Associated with love and connection to spirit.

Here we see the mystical practices of all major religions at their highest level focusing on the best of their teachings. Matter is being pulled to a higher spiritual level. More discussion of love and unity and less of rules and “sin”. The Eastern religions have attained a higher level than the Abrahamic religions and find their influence more strongly represented here.

Fifth or Throat Chakra: Communication and deeper understanding of the importance of spirit and matter.The great teachers Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Buddha communicated to the lower realms through the energy of the fifth chakra.

Sixth or Eyebrow Chakra: Intuition: The great teachers resided in the energy of the sixth chakra while manifesting in the physical world. They were and are able to move freely through the spiritual and physical realms.

Seventh or Crown Chakra: Only the most enlightening being attain this level and above. Jesus, Buddha, Mary Magdalene.

Jesus guided Mary Magdalene through the seven deadly sins represented in the gates of the chakras. She is purified humanity and has waited for humanity to rise.







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