Mary Magdalene, Journey through the Chakras

Jesus never truly taught any particular belief system.He called all of his disciples, male and female, his friends and there really was no established hierarchy among them while he was on Earth. He invited those of his time to go beyond the law and beyond dogma. He spent his time with all of the people considered unworthy by  society and deliberately sought out the company of men and women, to teach, to spend time with and to uplift.

Mary Magdalene was said to be cured of seven demons, what if the demons were of the observers making? As a woman Mary Magdalene was considered inferior, one whose sole purpose was serving men and of procreation. Society was firmly lodged in the root chakra; survival and rules for living defined their existence. She was seen as a temptress and labelled a prostitute even though there is no evidence to suggest she was – perhaps it is how men of ancient times viewed women and focused on the energy of the second chakra associated with sexuality. When we examine the visceral response Peter and the other apostles had toward the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene we can identify the energy of the sacral chakra. Jesus confided in her at times, over the other male apostles and shared “secret knowledge” with her  which elicited jealousy, rage and feelings of in adequacy in them. These feelings and reactions were not her demons, but rather theirs, their projection on to her of what they were actually experiencing. We now know that the imbalance of energy in any chakra leads to misaligned experience within the realm that chakra is led to manifest.The apostles reaction and historical reaction to Mary Magdalene was that of misaligned energy leading to projection of what the observers were experiencing.

Mary Magdalene was guilty of a grievous sin, but not what she was accused of, her sin was that of a woman possessing knowledge at a time when women were not worthy.Jesus chose her to be at his side during his death and to be the witness to his resurrection. She becomes the founder of Christianity because of her witness of Jesus conquering death of self. Jesus finds Mary Magdalene worthy and leads her through the seven chakras purifying her so she can become the witness to the resurrection – he realigns her energy centers to focus on higher aspects and she responds because of her degree of increasing purity.She can see the spiritual truth that exists in all things and becomes the virgin of light.She is able to see his mission, but sadly the world was not ready to hear and learn from her.

Only through a reconciliation with the feminine that she began will we be able to align ourselves with a higher level of being and start to transcend the projections and misguided perceptions we all all hold in this world. It is at that time, through our own conquering of self we will find lasting peace.

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