Twenty Vile Quotes Against Women By Church Leaders from St. Augustine to Pat Robertson

We get a clear picture on the relationship of men and women from this post. We need to rethink who we are assuming is the authoritative voice for our understanding of faith. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is within – not with men only.


martin_luther_by_lucas_cranach_der_altereWhat with diatribes about entertainers who invite rape and moms who are destroying America by supporting their families . . . with ignorant arguments about fetuses that masturbate, and females who might as well if they use contraception, and fetal personhood that trumps the personhood of females . . . . it’s tempting to think that Christian conservatives, have reached some new pinnacle of hating women and sexuality. But the sad reality is that even the media’s most unabashed misogynists like Michelle Bachman, Michael Burgess, Lou Dobbs or Juan Williams are actually tame compared to their ideological ancestors, which include some of the biggest names in Christian history.

In past centuries, men who were hailed as Church Fathers, Patriarchs, Doctors, and even Saints boldly expressed their view that females are inferior and loathsome; and they explained at length why God shared their perspective. Lest we fall into the

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