Wolf Moon

Tomorrow’s wolf moon represents the wolf crying out for food in midwinter.What are we crying out for? Can we unite our cries with the wolf? Can our cries unite us to bring about the change we need to see?

The full moon is a great opportunity to shed light on what’s hidden, to bring forth something that is veiled. The night is a quiet time of introspection and the full moon gives us the opportunity to see in the dark stillness and reflect on what happening underneath the day.

I always use the time of the moon to restart and rethink. I begin by burning sage and cleansing my space, I also play music at 432hz, it releases negative energy and “tunes” and aligns us with our connection to the Holy Spirit. I often play Tibetan Harp Music at 432hz, the link is below if you would like to listen:

I go out in the night and look up at the moon and see her looking back at me. I put a clear tea pot of water out all night to absorb the light and I use it in my tea for the next month – a blessing from the moon.

Wolves represent community, bravery, creativity and spirit. Maybe we can unite ourselves with the spirit of the wolf and see what insight we can bring to our lives in the sun.

I relate Mary Magdalene to full moons, she has remained hidden, but ever present, connected to the Holy Spirit in life and afterlife. We need to look for her messages in the veiled times, they are there, just quietly abiding.



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