Messages from Mary Magdalene: Reconnecting with the Divine

Jesus taught us he was leaving us, but we would not be alone, he was leaving us the comforter, the Holy Spirit. He said  the Holy Spirit would be our guide and our teacher and taught us the kingdom of heaven was inside of us as close as our breath. Mary Magdalene lived in that communion with him after his death, he lived spiritually after death. That was his message!

How to we reconnect with the divine? Re-establish communication? First, we need to internalize the absolute fact that we are NOT sinners. Thoughts are actions – think of Jesus’ teaching that anyone who had “lust in their hearts” had already committed adultery. He was teaching us thoughts are powerful and constantly telling ourselves we are sinners and are unworthy is not correct thinking! We become what we think!

We must remember we are already forgiven and remember we are good.

By remaining positive in our thoughts about ourselves and about others, we will create a different world view. Thoughts create change, everything in the physical world is manifested first in the spiritual world. Discipline  yourselves to be positive, change your thinking.

I told a man sitting at a bar in Grasslands, California that he was forgiven. He reminded me of Peter. He said what? I said you are forgiven, he asked why I was telling him that and I said because you are forgiven. He said I can not be! You do not know what I did in Vietnam! I said, yes you are, you are forgiven. He started to cry.

Start there, it is the most important teaching.

flowers in the sun





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