Messages from Mary Magdalene: Hope and Trust

Jesus taught this is only the beginning of our journey, we needn’t be afraid. Have hope and trust in yourself, don’t look to others to find what is in your heart. Don’t get weighed down by spiritual laws you have imposed on yourself or spiritual laws imposed on you by others, look inward to find  your truth. If your heart is peaceful you have found truth, if your actions are loving and not destructive in any way to anyone including yourself, you have found truth. Don’t be overwhelmed by your vulnerabilities, let them pass so you can rise above them.

Jesus cured the blind man by helping him to see the truth, the leper, by telling him he was not diseased, he helped them see the  truth about themselves. See yourself in love as love because that is who you are meant to be. The truth beckons us to be blinded by clear light so we can see the truth and see past the limitations of our outer selves.

Mary Magdalene acts as a midwife to reveal the presence of the Holy Spirit that dwells within. Mary rises reminding us:

“Do not remain in sorrow and doubt, for the grace of the Holy Spirit will

guide you and comfort you.

Have hope, reconnect with your inner self, for that is where  the Holy Spirit resides.

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