Messages from Mary Magdalene: Breaking Away from Indoctrination

We need to break away from indoctrination, from old habits that have been ingrained in us over years of use and abuse imprinted on our DNA. Fear imprinted, obedience imprinted, conformity imprinted and we need to break away from that which no longer serves us, no longer feeds our spiritual development.

It is hard. We are told Christ was “obedient” and we need to be “obedient” too, to the Church and to her ways. If we don’t follow the prescribed prayer and faith formula we may be misled and fall victim to influences that are outside the Church, outside her teachings that will are lead us down a destructive path. Or will they? Have we been misled all this time by people, by men, with an agenda? By Emperors seeing the value in partnering with the Church for their power and influence being sanctioned by “God”? By power brokers of today trying desperately to hang on to their power base?

Christ was calling people – men and women – to a higher level of spirituality and communion that went beyond obedience to external regulations. His ways were new and went beyond laws imposed by the religious leaders of the time. He called all people to connect directly, to be inline with, attuned to the higher reality of living, to live beyond our perceptions. He also instructed his followers to do what is right because it was the right thing to do, not because it was the law. To heal on the Sabbath, to feed others with Sabbath bread, all against the “law” of the time, but clearly what was “right” to do. He called others to commune with outcasts, women and people of low social standing, to elevate them, treat them as friends, help them.

What if we are sitting obediently in our pews, reciting our prayers as prescribed, waiting for something to happen and being passive because we are are told that is God’s will, when we are being called to be more of an active participant? An active participant in our own spiritual development and on our own path guided by the Holy Spirit?

Mary Magdalene is called now as then to instruct and guide those who will listen, so she can lead those who “have ears to hear” directly to the path. The way of the Holy Spirit, the true Way is sweeter, more hopeful, more full of love. Leave everything behind, false indoctrination, false obedience and follow her, she was  the “Apostle to the Apostles” and she is our leader, we need to follow her now as they should have then.


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