Messages from Mary Magdalene: Magnetic Heart Field

The changes we are experiencing now individually and globally are the result of a shift in energies. We must contribute to that shift to guide the world into the sacred feminine, it is only through the energy of the feminine that the world will evolve into a more peace filled and stable energy pattern.

Mary Magdalene emoted from the heart center and was able to engage the world around her after the death of Jesus from the magnetic energy found here.True encounters with this spiritual center bring an intense feeling of love unlike anything one can experience on the physical plane.

I experienced this energetic field most profoundly during a near death experience. I was losing a baby and near the end of the medical procedure I encountered two beings of light who came and touched me and took the spiritual essence of the baby with them. She maintained her separateness and I was filled with so much love that I knew everything was going to be fine. I wanted to stay with them and not leave this feeling of all encompassing love, but they told me I could not stay. The memory of the experience has stayed with me ever since and I do not fear death and know my baby is in a good place waiting to incarnate again.

Love is all around us, if we discipline our minds away from negative thoughts. Train yourselves to look for positive energy, do not dwell on anything negative. Thoughts are actions and we are creating our own reality. What happens in the physical realm starts in the spiritual. The world around us manifests individually and by our collective contribution, why would you want to add more pain into  the world?

pink rose in fence


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