New President – First Chakra

We all seem to have regressed to first chakra energy with the advent of this new administration taking office. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We have allowed a political event to become a dominate fixture in our minds and in our hearts and let it take our peace – regardless of our political affiliation.

What manifests in the physical realm first started on the spiritual plane. We have been living in a lower vibratory state only being concerned with what now has become the norm for what we consider survival. Materialism, consumerism have become our little gods and what defines us as a country. We react to perceived loss because our identities have become attached to what we have and what we want. We have lost the ability to engage our neighbors with different opinions let alone love them. We hate them and are being quite adept at finding creative ways to tell them.

Power is motivating us as is perceived loss of power. Nothing has changed! We create the world we want to see.

To what end? Do we forget that anger really only hurts ourselves? We need to rise above, we need to create our world by seeing it differently than we do now. If we see demons all around us, we are creating them. We need to accept responsibility for our own perceptions and change our world view then through our collective consciousness will the world change.

Meet me at a higher vibratory level.

Butterfly v1


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