What Mary Magdalene experienced on a vibrational level

Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, a repentant sinner as Pope Gregory proclaimed. She was a growing, emerging person as is all of humanity. Jesus brought her through the 7 centers of spirit or chakras to be able to raise the level of all of humanity with him, but starting with her. She was the yin to his yang, his other half, his completeness. That may seem revolutionary to say, but isn’t that more likely? He was born male so as close as he can come to integrating the female side of himself still results in a dominant male side. He recognized his archetype needing a corresponding female component.

What did Mary Magdalene preach in the South of France? There was no “Gospel” at that time, just the lessons she learned from Jesus. She learned the lessons of the centers of spirit or chakras,  so she could evolve to be a fully enlightened being. As a fully enlightened being she would be able to remain in contact with him after he shed his physical body. He represented pure goodness in the world, unadulterated with no need to evolve – he had already evolved. He taught her that what she thought she manifested in the physical world – in her own reality and collectively with those around her. He taught her attachment to the physical gave rise to distorted thinking and images and being out of balance created manifestations of that nature.

Jesus taught her to see the centers of spirit for what they truly were and to be in balance:

Root center of spirit: innocence and acceptance

Sacral center of spirit: Awareness of self and correct interpretation of the feelings of others

Solar Plexus: Where physical energy and creativity flow, completeness and satisfaction reside here

Heart: The bridge, compassion, love, the true self

Throat: Speaking with knowledge of interconnectivity of all things

Third Eye: Forgiveness, compassion and spiritual awakening

Crown: Connective center to spirit, integrates all centers of spirit and their associated qualities.  Mary Magdalene mastered the lower vibrational aspects of her being and was able to reside in full spiritual awareness that bodies are like seeds that are outgrown and communication beyond the physical realm is possible.

How? Thoughts, disciplining our thoughts. Loving “love” first and always, is this a loving act? Is this a loving  thought? It this compassionate? Loving “God” is loving “love”. It is the compass, the true beginning and the true ending of our existence in the physical realm. It is from this point that all reality as we know it unfolds. The greater the percentage of love, the greater the beautiful and sacred aspects of life come into being. The darker lower thoughts manifest slower vibrations creating shadow demons we waste time chasing rather than changing our perception our own thoughts.

We raise our vibration by changing the way we think. Love “love” first and you will change your perception and the world around you. The true path lies right in front of you, yo need just walk it.



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