Only the Heart is Holy

From my  meditation today:

When we remember only the heart is holy we will begin to understand the world.

When we realize our hearts must be aligned everything will fall into place. When we learn to think first with our hearts everything will come together and be ordered correctly.

Life begins in the heart, our being develops around it, if we have an open heart seeking the highest good, we are open and see things in a pure light, as they truly are. If our heart is closed, we developed a thick, hard shell and see things through a darkened lens of perception that is distorted.

Our hearts must rule our being, pure intention brings pure truth. When we think with our pure hearts we can do no wrong, we will know pure peace, the world will know peace.

Purity of heart, thinking with the heart for the highest intention is the only way.

Female and male will become one of heart and conflict will end. Discrimination will end, suffering will end. We can then work for the highest good of all.

Honor is not important

Being right is not important

Being first is not important

Being the best is not important

Seeking the highest good from our hearts is the most important.





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