Maybe all who wander really are not lost, but called to the Truth

What if the way we have been taught to believe in God and in Jesus all of these years is wrong? What if it has actually led us on the wrong path and led us astray?

I have been struggling to be a Catholic for years now, leaving and returning to the Church over and over – maybe not always physically, but always in my thoughts and in what I believed. I have read so much, listened to so much and prayed so much and I keep wandering. I have read St. John of the Cross, St Teresa of Avila, Confessions of St Augustine. I have prayed to Jesus and Mary that I be given the gift of faith so I can stay faithful, prayed to “heal my unbelief”. I have prayed to St.’s Pio, Francis, Therese, Teresa, JPII, listened to endless lectures from Bishop Robert Barron, Fulton Sheen and still I wander. I question, I wrestle. I decide wrestling with God will make my faith stronger.

But, maybe not.

I think I am being called away because it is wrong, this is not what Jesus taught. And then I read on Biblical corruption and sadly, I start to believe.

The problem is that, regardless of how much evidence is shown to the majority of modern Christians — evidence which demonstrates conclusively that the New Testament scriptures were severely altered by the Church of Rome — they will refuse to acknowledge the facts. Why? Because the majority of modern Christians are a disenfranchised people — severed from the presence of the indwelling Spirit which is given to the truly faithful disciples in order to teach them — and they are afraid to deviate from their present-day doctrine and church dogma……If it is true that the fourth century Roman Church severely altered the written word of the scriptures, then it is absolutely necessary for the modern believer to search out the facts. Faith in the Word means that if we are a truly faithful people, that the Son of God will open our minds and enlighten us to the Truth. When we therefore ignore the facts, and blindly cling to the error of the corrupt church of Rome, then we inhibit the Lord from teaching us the truth….

Christians who desire truth over error will want to know when the problem of scriptural alteration began? Something which no sincere believer today should take lightly is the charge against Christians by Celsus, the second century Epicurean philosopher, who alleged that: “Certain Christians, like men who are overcome by the fumes of wine and care not in the least what they say, alter the original text of the Gospels so that they admit of various and almost indefinite readings. And this, I suppose, they have done out of worldly policy, so that when we press an argument home, they might have the more scope for their pitiful evasions”. To which allegation the third century Church Father Origen replied: “Besides, it is not at all fair to bring this charge against the Christian religion as a crime unworthy of its pretended purity; only those persons who were concerned in the fraud should, in equity, be held answerable for it” (Origen, Contra Celsus).

Excerpts from and read more at: 

Biblical corruption occurred as soon as the Gospels were written.

And so the real journey begins, re-discovering my true connection with the source of all being and the Holy Spirit that dwells within all of us, where Yeshua told us he be be with us until the end of time.

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