Posts about Different Views on Christianity

Hi! Glad you stopped by. I have spent a lot of time researching the truth about Jesus and think maybe there is a different viewpoint, a different way to look at Christianity and how it developed. I think Jesus – Yeshua – Joshua – made a profound impact on the world, but I think his message may have been corrupted.

I started out with no religion, my family wasn’t religious, didn’t talk about Jesus or God at all, I majored in Philosophy in college and thought about God a lot. I learned to meditate, explored Eastern religions decided to bring my kids up Catholic – learned a lot about the Catholic Church, tried to stay Catholic for 17 years and have just figured out it just might be Yeshua calling me out of the Church.

I have read the Nag Hammadi documents – the other Gospels besides Matthew, Mark, Luke and John that did not make it into the Bible and think they have much to offer. They tell a somewhat different story about Jesus and it just might be a perspective worth studying more closely.

I’m looking for like minded people who are seeking the truth. Looking to compare ideas, thoughts and look at things differently.

If you are interested too, leave me a comment. Let’s start a conversation on a path less taken and see where we can end up.



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